Support Your Athlete


Associate your image with the Openlakes Champagne triathlon by building a team of athletes within your company.

Reach the general public and develop your company’s notoriety.

Make a strong impression on your company’s staff.

Strengthen group cohesion among your staff through the sharing of strongly emotional moments.

Why ?

Your company is full of resources, sometimes unsuspected. Your employees each have their own passion, and many of them are undoubtedly seasoned sportsmen and women. It is through these extra-corporate qualities that we invite you to act.

Promote your company’s staff and your image through the values of sport such as surpassing oneself, perseverance, solidarity and group cohesion.

Why sponsor external athletes when you have them within your company?

How ?

Select one or more staff members in your company who practice one of the three sports that make up triathlon: swimming, cycling, running.


Build your own relay team and show that together your company can achieve great things!

Surround your team with a group of supporters who are essential to the success of the project.

Support Your Athlete Program

We offer you a corporate package through our Support Your Athlete Program FULL/HALF :

  • 3 entries for the relay race
  • Access to 6 VIP supporters (adaptable)
  • VIP parking access
  • 1 dedicated promotional space in the exhibition village
  • Food and drinks + free champagne
  • 1/4 page advertising space « Race info »
  • 1 steward / photos to accompany you throughout the day
  • Post-race file (figures, photos, follow-up, etc.)
  • Participation in the inter-companies ranking INCLUDED

2000 VAT not included

The VIP space at the heart of the action

View on the terraces, the passages, the finish line and the finish arch