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1. Who can participate in the events?2022-02-18T09:21:58+01:00

Anyone can participate provided they are of minimum age and have an international triathlon licence or a medical certificate stating that you are capable of doing a “competitive triathlon”. If you do not have a licence, you will need to take out a one-day licence at the time of registration. There is a different minimum legal age for each race. Be born in 2004 or earlier for all races except for the Sprint Distance where you must be born in 2006 or earlier.

2. Do I need a health pass to take part in the event?2021-09-10T14:31:56+02:00

No, only mask and social distanciation.

3. A personal event prevents me from participating in the race? Can I be reimbursed?2021-08-19T16:05:47+02:00
  • The conditions for a refund depend on several factors:
  • Did you take out cancellation insurance when you registered?
  • Do you have a medical certificate?
  • When did you contact us to cancel your registration?

Please find all the information on our website on the page Cancellation conditions

4. Are there time limits for each discipline?2021-08-19T16:06:33+02:00

Each discipline has its own time limits. Please find all information on the page “Information & Timetable”.

5. What happens if I exceed the time limit?2021-08-19T16:07:21+02:00

If you exceed the time limit for an event, the referees will not allow you to take part in the next event.

6. What is the temperature of the water?2021-08-19T16:07:54+02:00

Currently the temperature is around 18°C. A temperature reading will be taken on the morning of the event by the referees. We cannot predict the temperature in advance. The final decision on whether to wear a wetsuit will be made on race day.

7. Is a wetsuit compulsory?2021-08-19T16:11:14+02:00

Wetsuits are compulsory if the water temperature is below 16°C. Wetsuits are not compulsory if the water temperature is between 16°C and 23°C. Above 23°C, wetsuits must not be worn.

8. Is it possible to rent a wetsuit?2022-08-17T15:33:29+02:00

You can book your wetsuit with our partner Huub. The wetsuit will be available on the day of the event at their stand in the exhibitor village. The single rental price is 45€ (+ 100€ deposit). More information on our website on the page “Wetsuit rental”.

9. Is it possible to come and train before the race?2021-08-19T16:12:08+02:00

The courses do not use private passages, so it is possible to walk on the courses. However, swimming is not allowed in the Plate Taille lake. However, we have planned two swimming training periods on Friday 17 September between 2 and 3 pm and between 5 and 6 pm.

10. What documents do I need to present when I collect my number?2021-08-19T16:12:49+02:00

You must present your identity card and your triathlon licence. If you are not licensed, you must subscribe to the one-day insurance AND be in possession of a medical certificate dated less than 6 months before the event. The number is not transferable to another athlete in case of withdrawal.

11. I am already registered, is it possible to change my distance?2022-09-10T20:43:43+02:00

Any request to transfer a distance will be accepted until 25 May 2022 via the e-mail address: registration@openlakes.be. In case of a downgrading of distance, the difference of the registration fee will not be refunded. For any request to increase the distance, the difference in the registration fee between the two distances must be paid by bank transfer for the registration to be validated.

12. Where can I download the different courses?2021-08-19T16:18:40+02:00

The GPX files of the different disciplines can be downloaded by following these steps :

  1. Go to the tab Events
  2. Click on your course (Full, Half, Olympic, Sprint)
  3. Click on “Info and courses”
  4. Click on “See on OpenRunner”
  5. Then you will be redirected to the OpenRunner website
  6. Click on “Download for a GPS”
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